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WGSN : New York men's accessories trend, the murse

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today 28 août 2008
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New York trend : the murse

Vilislava Petrova, NY, WGSN 07.07.08

The murse, or man bag, has been making a powerful statement in the menswear sector. WGSN reports on the latest must-have men's accessory from the streets of New York City.

The trend began on the catwalk a few seasons back when high-fashion designers introduced variations of the murse in their collections across New York, Paris and Milan. As an instant reaction, the streets of New York witnessed fashion-forward men carrying their interpretations of the man bag.

WGSN street shots, New York

This summer the trend has taken a commercial turn and the murse has been spotted everywhere in New York City, regardless of the wearer's age, social status or fashion preference.

Although the man bag is undeniably a fashion statement, it also has a functional aspect, enabling men to carry everyday such as notebooks, organisers, umbrellas and wallets.

Tim Hamilton
autumn-winter 2008/09
Tim Hamilton
autumn-winter 2008/09
Antonio Marras
spring-summer 2009

marc by Marc Jacobs
autumn-winter 2008/09
Phillip Lim
autumn-winter 2008/09
marc by Marc Jacobs
autumn-winter 2008/09

Prada at Barneys,
New York

As with women's accessories, the size, shape and style of the bag is dicated by the lifestyle and particular needs of its owner. We are already seeing a number of different styles, including styles similar to a women's clutch, redesigned messenger bags, oversized totes and vintage-inspired bum bags (US: fanny packs).

Less adventurous wearers are opting for the eco-friendly linen shopping bag. Worn over the shoulder, it has an undeniably feminine aesthetic.

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