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22 janv. 2016
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Arsutoria: "Romance" Bag Trend SS17

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22 janv. 2016

Intellectual and maxi decorations. Exotic romanticism that draws on several styles from the past to shape a new contemporary. Pre-vintage and post-retro. Distorted richness, gorgeous chaos of old and young, finished and unfinished, shiny and dull, prim and louche, magical and terrifying, exotic and artistic, renaissance and modernism. To make the past look like a new kind of wunderkammer.

"Romance" Bag Trend SS17 - Arsutoria

Earthy colors soiled by used effects with breaks of strong colors and aged by vintage effects that highlight the color imperfections. Red, fuchsia, cherry, plum and cyclamen. Ceramic yellow and alabaster green. Blue and brown are inspired by metal oxidations and low-tech surfaces. Military greens are pleasantly full of yellow and light.

"Romance" Bag Trend SS17 - Arsutoria

The world of décor is carried to the extremes, the most daring technical mixtures of historic and ethnic styles. Embroidery and applications, crystals and laser cuts. A combination of completely different styles and reinterpretations of old-style techniques renew the surfaces of the fabrics and fine leather.

Calfskin is etched and imprinted with embossed or high frequency symbols. Ethnic fabrics are embroidered with lame threads. Metallic accessories interpret cult objects of the past. Raffia and straw are a must for the season, coming in embroidered versions and covered by jewels. Prints painted with Renaissance painting techniques and abstracts overlapping with bases of grains and textures.

"Romance" Bag Trend SS17 - Arsutoria

Bag Shapes
Medium-sized volumes and retro structures. Round, vanity, clutches, boxes, bucket. New pieces of jewelry to be shown off, like objects of fine craftsmanship. Rigid and structured shapes reminiscent of historical pieces, renewed by small significant contrasts: bold decorations or very evident and prominent metallic details. The stylish galvanic aspect makes the metallic accessory richer and more important.

"Romance" Bag Trend SS17 - Arsutoria

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