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19 juil. 2017
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Trendzoom: Design Forecast Accessories Footwear & Hats S/S 18

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19 juil. 2017

Design forecast for Men/Women/Youth markets. In the youth sector there’s a softening effect in styles which incorporate stretch woven/knit fabrics or malleable materials.

Samples are taken from a 27-page report published: May, 2017.

Angular lines introduce a sharp geometric look to women’s footwear styles and technology plays a leading role for the men’s market.

Women’s hats look to the past for inspiration and masculine styles take a casual route…

Pages in our design reports include highly detailed design flats and key, forward-moving looks handpicked by our research team. All the sketches are ready to download from a single Adobe Illustrator Matrix.

TRENDZOOM, Fashion Trend Forecasting Service delivers both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion community. The company remains an independent force in the marketplace, and one that continues to accurately anticipate trends ahead of the competition.

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